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Strategic IP Audit

An IP strategy provides targets, policies and an action plan, that secure that the Intellectual Property of a company is utilized optimally and in agreement with the business strategy.

IP Strategy

Patent Mapping

Strategic counselling focuses on the specific need of the client.

E.g. planning an IP strategy for M&A, or  for applying or handling large EU grants, in connection to the specific demands in the planning and reporting phase.

Strategic IP counselling

Patent mapping is one of the methods to provide an overview of the activities of the competitors, the development and opportunities of  a technology, that then may be part of an IP– or a Research Strategy.

In a strategic IP audit,  the IP portfolio and IP process of a company is analyzed, mapped and scored in relation to the business strategy. The results are a clearer picture of the present and future value creation from their IP, improved IP processes within the company, as well as a clearer picture of future innovation efforts.


Thomas Mathiasen is trained strategic IP auditor by the Danish Patent Trade Organisation and has performed numerous audits in European companies.

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