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An example of a mapping of a certain technology area. The picture is kindly provided by MicroPatent.

Patent mapping is one of the methods to provide an overview of the activities of the competitors, the development and opportunities of  a technology, that then may be part of an IP– or Research Strategy.

The 80 / 20 rule - strategic application of patent information.
The increasing number of patents is a result of the reality of the knowledge society. No valuable patents exist without patents. On the hand, the Patents may be viewed as a limit to the freedom to operate. However, on the other side, Patents represent an increasing amount of information for inspiration and for solution of technological challenges—and for development of own, new products.

mapping is one of the methods to give this overview, that support the development of an IP– and R&D-strategy. IT-technology enables broad and quick searched, that may contain the solution for new opportunities for the company, or unveil the  strategy of the competitor.

though a few individual patents may be omitted in the overview, the picture that it shows will give an excellent background for strategic decisions.

Further, the mapping and visualisation of these patent landscapes, may give patent lawyers and Management to communicate better. All for the benefit of the success of the company.

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