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Thomas Mathiasen

Nordborggade 3, 3 th

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How to contact us:

Phone: +45 2170 8672

E-mail: info@DICM.eu

About us

Thomas Mathiasen, founder and CEO, has a unique background and experience within Innovation Management, Technology Management and Intellectual Property (IP) at both strategic and operational level.

Our customers are typically medium to large companies, typically within hi-tech business, as well as R&D oriented organisations and Universities. We are located in Denmark and operate normally within the EU but as our customers operate globally, we welcome customers from all over the world.
The entry of China as a global knowledge society has led us to develop a special focus on the demands and needs from international Chinese companies and we regularly visit China to meet with clients and lecture at seminars and universities on IC management.

To support specific tasks we have an extensive network of experts within Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights, Technology and Law that we can utilize, depending on the demands of the tasks and of the customer needs. Thereby we can set up the most favourable team for each individual client and task.

We treat all work and customers with full confidentiality, as the strategic information is business-sensitive.

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